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The Resurrection Power of Water

Elasticity, flexibility, bounce, shine, the look of youth and longevity. These are the words that describe the attributes of hair , skin and "the look" that most people all want to have. It's all about keeping hydrated. When something is devoid of water it is considered de-hydrated. Add water to a package of dried contents and you get the opposite of dehydration, hydration.

Our bodies are about 80% water, just like the earth is mostly water, more than land. This is a mirrored design. We need water (and oxygen) to function, body and earth. It is extremely important for us to continually replenish ourselves by drinking water daily. By doing so, the water washes away impurities and nourishes the organs and cells of the body with moisture.

Whether we are talking about things pertaining to the body or nature, water is an essential element. Hair and skin are just two examples of how dehydration and hydration can result in looking damaged or healthy. When we age, our hormones excrete less oil/moisture to lubricate the body. The oil helps to trap the water and sustain it. Lotions and balms with water are put on the skin and hair to help keep the water in contact with skin and hair as water alone will evaporate eventually. 

The second law of thermo dynamics says something to the effect that things  will start to deteriorate over time. Dehydration affects the outside of the body as well as the inside. We can visually see the outward effects on the hair and skin. The inside effects of dehydration can cause serious problems with the organs of the body as they can cease to function properly and also cease to function, resulting in death.

The cleansing properties of water, along with oxygen, act as filters to clear out obstructions of dead matter and impurities, just like our ocean’s design works with the forces of nature to cleanse itself. The waves of the sea churn the contents of the ocean while the salt preserves and sanitizes its balance. We like the earth and nature, utilize water, salt, oxygen and oil, elements that we are composed of that give us life.

These are what we need to exist as well as the spiritual concepts of who we are and what we need to survive. “Washing of the Water of The Word”, “The Salt of the earth”,  “The Breath of life”,“The Balm of Gilead”, “The Oil of the Spirit”.

So in regards to having a healthier life, continue to be aware of your needs, protecting yourself from harmful elements and living, take the time to breathe in clean air, hydrate yourself, as well as your hair and skin with the resurrection power of Water!


Jessica A. Evrist, California Styles Founder & Artistic Director



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