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Do you have Wavy,Frizzy, or Puffy Hair? Does your hair change with the weather? You have curly hair.  Come see Jessica for a "Curly Test" and get a conditioning, hair lesson and haircut !

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Articles on Ingredients

Making scents magazine 1999. Warning: What Your Shampoo's Label Won't Tell You. "FDA regulates food and drugs not the body care industry". Harry Terhanian.

"The FDA will only investigate products and possibly pull it off the Shelves if extensive mass consumer complaints and lengthy accumulations of evidence point to its harmfulness". There are no legal guidelines for natural. A chemist's definition for "Natural" is that the molecule contains carbon. Propylene Glycol is the main TOXIC ingredient in industrial Antifreeze. This slimy product is used in shampoos, gels, eye cream, and a whole host of other products to give glide and anti-humectant properties .Mainly used for subverting water. (Frizz, puffiness).

(NTP) National Toxicology Program and'(IARC)  International Agency for Research on Cancer says,”There is unveiling evidence that (SLS) Sodium Laurel Sulfate produces a potential carcinogenic effect in your shampoo when it interacts with other nitrogen bearing ingredients causing nitrosamines a worse effect. (SLS) maintains residual levels in lungs, liver, and brain from skin contact in repeated and small doses”. Sulfates are chemical surfactants used for cleaning machinery in industrial settings. They are inexpensive, producing foam, and are a harsh cleansing irritant not meant to leave on the skin for any period of time. Warnings: Used in bubble bath can cause rash, itching and urinary tract  infections.

Jessica Evrist: “CBS and NBC news in May of 2007 had reported in two broadcasts on television that ‘Hairdressers are the #1 profession for Breast Cancer’. “I believe that the stagnate air inside salons, as well as invisible particles from hair sprays, acrylics, acetones,formaldehydes, perfumes and other types of toxins/gases in the work environment subjects everyone, not just hairdressers, to possible allergic reactions and/or potential disease on a residual basis. Chemical gases, caused by improper mixing of ammonia's with bleach cause chloride gas to form, unbeknownst to the uninformed technician mixing them. Petrochemicals used in hair products contribute to the lowering of the stylist’s /technician’s immune system through entry of the olfactory system. Breathing in plastics from copolymers in hair sprays, and through contact with the skin by means of handling gels, shampoos, conditioners and styling products, containing these toxic ingredients, rest on the fatty tissues closest to the lungs. This ,along with stress, could be the reason and result of Breast Cancer”.

The Solution is simple. The task is not hard. It must begin with us, the Consumers. We can Change our ways and help save lives with “Awareness Education” to provide a better work environment in the Salon. Be the beautiful butterfly (Show your Colors with Confidence)not the worm, (shrinking and hiding in the sand)!  Make waves in the air with tiny Changes that make a difference.. Be Aware, make better Choices, take the time to read labels, be informed, Change (metamorphose)for the better. It starts with “Awareness Education”,  inform others, and provide a place for Change


Jessica A. Evrist, California Styles Founder & Artistic Director



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