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Going Green and Curly: A curly Hair story and hair care


I was born bald and I didn’t have much but fuzz for two years. When I did finally have some decent looking hair my mother let it grow very long. Growing up, I used to watch my mother use bobby pins to make pin curls in her very straight hair and set her hair all night long so she could have bouncy and curly locks in the day.

For me, she would use pink sponge curls at night to make my straight hair curly too and send me off to school with cute ponytails like Shirley Temple. 

Immediately after High school in the early 80’s, I enrolled in Beauty College. Curly hair was quite popular in the 80’s and I would get perms to make my hair curly.

At age 19, I started in the very first salon, which 24 years later, I came back to buy and started my curly hair salon in the town that I grew up in. We are the first curly hair salon in my area and we are also going green too! Now, with the help of gels and no-sulfate shampoos I see a change even in my own hair texture. My last permanent wave was in the 90’s ,now that I am of full age shall we say… My hair is curly. My grandmother would comment to me that I was still getting permanent waves and she was convinced that I was hiding it from everyone, after all, I am a “hairdresser” and she probably figured I was giving myself a perm and lying about it. 

In my quest for more knowledge, I am studying the Greek and Hebrew languages now and I did learn recently that my salon address 3339 in the Greek means metamorphis the same thing that happens to butterflies. 

So transformation truly does happen in my salon everyday as I teach my clients and stylists that we can change and ”change” happens. Recently discovering the meaning of the numbers of my salon address to me is another sign that we can learn and we can change too. How does that happen? Knowledge and the application of it. Being aware to “have eyes to see and ears to hear.”

In my own cognitive reasoning, now at this moment, I think that the hair texture change could be related to a few things. Weather types/seasons, product developments used/changed over the years and hormonal/nutritional changes that affect hair changes. Although, the more I observe and learn, I see that the hair follicle shape and care of the hair itself make significant differences in the quality of that “dead matter”. 

Oh, maybe you do not know? Hair is dead! The keratin outgrowth from the scalp is just like finger nails, that is why it doesn’t hurt when you cut off the dead ends… because it’s dead, not alive. The root in the inside of your scalp is alive though. I plan to discover more about hair, as my curiosity causes me to peer in and discover more about why we love our hair covering and how it affects how we view ourselves. 

Come with me in this journey of discovery and maybe we will also discover the cure to baldness why we are at it. Hey, we are having a recession as I pen this book, I got to help “grow” back the beauty business industry’s economy somehow and it may as well be birthed out of my idea child while I sit in expectation of what will be born of all this introspection.

Now that I own a curly hair salon, “Going green” no less, I see many clients who come into my salon with straight hair and leave with natural beautiful curls not made with any pins, rollers or curling irons. At the beginning of their hair appointment during the consultation, they try to convince me, even argue with me that they have no such curl and that they used to have to get perms later as adults just to duplicate what they had, “beautiful curls when I was a little child”. 

In this book we will explain this phenomena and show you pictures of some of my clients before and after. I love the phrase that I heard at Lorraine Massey’s Deva curly training hair class that I attended in Los Angeles when I first opened up my new hair salon. “Where there’s a wave there’s a curl”. My logo for California Styles was actually a wave at the California coast. How appropriate!

Fate met me and since that very day coming home from that training, I had broken a tiny bone in my hand and was forced to work with a cast for weeks on my “hair holding hand.” Thank God for the knowledge that I learned that day. It was “Revolutionary” in many ways. 

I was shown a totally different method of cutting hair that did not require me to use my left hand in order to cut curly hair and because I couldn’t handle a brush and blow dryer with an arm cast on to straighten out hair, It was a forced shift in my cutting and styling method that was now going to have to be my new M.O. in order to make me or “break“ me. (Pun intended). “Curly Hair Styling” was going to have to be “this way or the highway” for me. It was a forced discipline!

Beginning this method of cutting has been my salvation and am proud to be a curly girl and never go back to the way that I did before. I keep it in my “revolutionary” anti-straightening arsenal of thought, “Where there’s a wave there’s a curl”. And I will add to that slogan “Where there’s a wave, there’s an ocean of curls!” 70% of the population is curly why fight it? Join the revolution! “Ride the tsunami don’t be overtaken by it.”

Curly hair styling rules!


Jessica Evrist



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